Try One of Our Handmade Sandwiches

Try One of Our Handmade Sandwiches

Discover your new favorite burger in Henderson, KY

When it comes to on-the-go meals, handmade sandwiches are our favorite option. The Dairiette in Henderson, Kentucky has dozens of sandwich options on our menu, all handmade-to-order.

Visit our local restaurant today to get yours.

Sandwiches a la carte


Hamburger - $2.19
Double hamburger - $3.19
Triple hamburger - $4.19

Cheeseburger - $2.49
Double cheeseburger - $3.49
Triple cheeseburger - $4.49

Juicy Lucy - $4.19
Double Juicy Lucy - $6.29

Pimento Cheeseburger (with homemade pimento cheese) - $2.99


Chicken strip sandwich - $4.99
Buffalo chicken sandwich - $4.99
Grilled chicken sandwich - $4.99

Pork tenderloin sandwich - $5.19
Classic BLT - $3.49
Grilled cheese - $4.99

Hot Dogs

Classic hot dog - $1.99
Chili dog - $2.49
Corn dog - $2.49

You can grab a quick bite to eat at The Dairiette on your way home from work, during your lunch break or with your friends on the weekend.

Try one of our handmade sandwiches today by visiting our restaurant in Henderson, Kentucky.