Add Fries to Your Cheeseburger Basket

Add Fries to Your Cheeseburger Basket

Join us for lunch at The Dairiette in Henderson, KY

Craving a classic cheeseburger basket? Hungry for a double-patty sandwich? At The Dairiette in Henderson, Kentucky, you can get a full sandwich or entree with your choice of a side for one low price. Our baskets each come with a side dish.

Chow down on your favorite American classics at our restaurant today.

Handmade sandwiches and entrees

Our entree baskets will leave you satisfied and happy with your choice. We have so many different baskets for you to choose from, including the...

Hamburger basket - $5.39
Double hamburger basket - $6.99

Cheeseburger basket - $5.59
Double cheeseburger basket - $7.19
Triple cheeseburger basket - $8.39

Juicy Lucy basket - $7.59
Double Juicy Lucy basket - $10.39

Pork tenderloin basket - $7.69
Chicken strip basket - $8.39
Nashville hot chicken sandwich basket - $8.79
Kids basket - $4.39

Try our classic cheeseburger basket when you visit our restaurant in Henderson, Kentucky.